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Friday, September 26, 2014
at the Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Avenue
LA, CA 90027

free - cash bar - doors at 7:30
performances at 9 and 10

Delirium Troubadours
The songs of Caspar Sonnet
with projected imagery by Kate Parsons

via siws.fr

Thermometers be damned; Fall is upon us... As the planet tilts you'll need to spark the pilot light in that dusty room at the back of your brain, the one tucked behind Summer's exuberant solarium, a reflective chamber of undeclared sounds and swirling visions. It's a different rhythm filled with empty spaces, primal echoes from beyond, melancholy howls, ancient secrets, cauterized wounds, the loneliness of wandering, the delirious imagination, and the spectacularly vivid dreams you can only tell in songs and pictures.

Join us for an almost analog night of haunting music, visuals, and stories wrung from the shadow of the new moon.

Caspar Sonnet

Kate Parsons

Changing of the seasonings:
MC Hymnal